A Gas Station with Grocery Carts

A Gas Station with Grocery Carts

We're keeping an eye on what's happening in Buc-ee's world, and right now, it's really hard to avoid the Sunshine State.  Florida's residents are stoked for their brand spanking new locations in St. Augustine near Jacksonville and Daytona Beach near Orlando.  As beaver fans, it's a lot of fun to read, watch, and listen to all the excitement in local news coverage.

One of the fun things is when people point out things that we've taken for granted.  For instance, Bridgett Ellison, Candace Campos, Julie Broughton, and Ezzy Castro of Orlando CBS affiliate WKMG were covering the grand opening of the Daytona Beach Buc-ee's travel center during the morning news show.

First off, fun fact: Texan Ezzy was super elated to cover the grand opening.  In fact, Candace said that Ezzy literally jumped out of her seat in the newsroom with excitement when they got the press release about Buc-ee coming to town.  She's not taking her recent good fortune for granted.

Fast forward to the present, Bridgett was marveling about how large the place looked, and Candace confirmed that by pointing out that her husband had just visited the St. Augustine location and reported that it was "bananas."  Then Bridgett followed up by asking, "Do they have shopping carts?"  Yes, they do Candace confirmed.  Julie then praised Bridgett for her instinct to plan ahead by understanding what's in store.

As we've mentioned before, there are many descriptors for our favorite convenience store.  Many of the travel centers seem like mega churches devoted to pumping gas, car washes, clean bathrooms, decadent food, and fun merchandise.  The Florida locations fit this mold well.  That's why y'all need shopping carts at this gas station.  For instance, perfect for Sunshine State living, WKMG also notes that the Florida stores have Buc-ee's branded boogie boards -- among other beach necessities.  Since y'all will get more than a boogie board, y'all will definitely need a shopping cart.

So, yes, we won't take for granted that Buc-ee's travel centers are gas stations with shopping carts.  Thank goodness since we can only hold so much at one time.

Would y'all like us here at Texas Snax to ship y'all some Buc-ee's branded boogie boards?  Well, we would love to, but as resellers, we're confined by what's in stock at the travel center near our Plano, TX warehouse in the Dallas/Ft. Worth metro area.  If y'all fill out our request form and ask for them or any other Buc-ee's non-perishable merch for that matter, we'll check our location and fulfill the request if we can.  Heck.  We even resell tabletop smoker grills now, and y'all guessed it, we need shopping carts when we pick those up, too.

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