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Small Batch Honey Glazed Pecans

Small Batch Honey Glazed Pecans

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Fancy some salty-sweet snack with some nutty nutrition? These delicious and crunchy pecans are rolled in sweet honey after they're toasted. Hide 'em in your purse or backpack or else they'll be gone quick!

  • Smooth, sweet, honey followed by salty pecan flavor
  • Soft exterior into a crunchy interior
  • No preservatives or artificial ingredients
  • 12 oz. bag

Note that in the hot months, we still ship these; however, the honey glaze will stick together when cooled. This actually frequently happens during cooler months and can often be found right on the store shelves this way. This is normal, but we just wanted to give you a heads up. They are delicious!

  • TEXAN - Pecans are a favorite Texas treat, and the fact that these come from a Lone Star institution, Buc-ee's, makes them even better.
  • CRUNCHY - The texture of these pecans will titillate any tastebud.
  • SWEET - Glazed with sweet honey, these pecans are the perfect snack to perk anyone up.
  • HEALTHY - Snacking can be good for you. Enjoy this nutritious snack in moderation.
  • SHAREABLE - There's enough pecans to share with family and friends, but we'll leave that up to you. Everything is bigger in Texas -- including kind hearts and appetites.

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