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Cherry Maple Beef Jerky

Cherry Maple Beef Jerky

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The famous Hill Country beef jerky with a sweet cherry and maple Texas twist. Features real and natural cherry and maple flavor with the famous beef jerky taste and texture known and loved by Texans for decades.

  • Cherry, maple, beefy goodness
  • Snapping jerky texture
  • Solid strips of beef
  • 4 oz. bag

Please note that according to Buc-ee's, both "Regular" and "Hill County" is the same product, but sometimes the packaging may differ.

  • SWEET - With both cherry and maple flavors, you'll notice some nice sweet notes in this beef jerky.
  • FLAVORFUL - Buc-ee's always goes big; it's the Texas way. That includes flavor. This is no ordinary beef jerky.
  • VERSATILE - This beefy jerky is perfect as a snack, as a dessert, or as a surprise. You can even give it as a gift.
  • FILLING - Beef jerky is a filling snack. Meat sticks to the bones and doesn't leave you hungry all while enjoying a fun taste.
  • SHAREABLE - Everything is bigger in Texas. These packs are big enough to share with friends and family, but we'll leave that up to you.

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