About Us

Texas Snax is made of some of the biggest Buc-ee's fans in the world. We believe that if you've been to Texas but never been to Buc-ee's, then you've never actually been to Texas. We created Texas Snax to share the best snacks that Texas has to offer with anyone and everyone in this great country.

Selling these delicious Buc-ee's snacks is a labor of love. Every order placed means a trip to our local Buc-ee's where we purchase each and every item at full retail value.

After purchase, we head back to our warehouse and package this with tender loving care so that it comes your way quickly and safely.

We aren't affiliated with Buc-ee's in any way, shape or form, we're just very big fans who want to bring this taste of Texas to you at your convenience.


Since launching, Texas Snax has received quite a bit of media coverage! We are both thrilled and flattered to have the coverage. Buc-ee's fans have been emailing us in gratitude for this service from around the world. We have had military orders, Texpats in Australia, and every state in America order! We are so grateful for this support!

If you know anybody who has been itching to get Buc-ee's, we have the largest selection and best prices of Buc-ee's goods outside of an actual Buc-ee's convenience store. Be sure to help pass the word on!

Also since that time, there has been a bit of a media rush.

Here is a list of the current news articles.