About Us

Texas Snax is a remarkable venture fueled by the unwavering passion of the biggest Buc-ee's fans in the world. These devoted individuals, are on a mission to spread the essence of "Peace, Love, and Buc-ee's" to all.

What began as a heartfelt endeavor during the challenging times of 2020 has now blossomed into an exciting enterprise, as media outlets caught wind of the magic we were creating in our early days.

From humble beginnings as a family project, Texas Snax has grown into a small business powerhouse. We have transcended from mere cartfuls of goodies to shipping truckloads of joy. Along the way we have upgraded our ordering systems from hand-written notes to sophisticated spreadsheets, scanners, and stock rotation. Our warehouse brims with an abundant supply of beaver nuggets, shirts, and an enthusiastic crew who pour their hearts into every package, ensuring it overflows with love before it reaches your doorstep.

Originally conceived to satisfy the cravings of Texpats longing for a taste of their beloved Texas, we discovered that even Texans residing just minutes away from our favorite travel center couldn't resist the convenience of having their favorite Beaver Nuggets delivered. While our premium service (and cost) may raise an eyebrow or two, we embrace the comparison to having pizza delivered—after all, who are we to judge the desire for ultimate convenience when it comes to satisfying your snacking needs?

But our story doesn't end there. The reputation we've built has attracted attention from large-scale catering events, where we proudly serve as the go-to supplier for all things from this beloved chain headquartered in Lake Jackson. The trust placed in us by these discerning organizers is a testament to the expertise and quality we bring to every aspect of our operation.

Throughout our journey, we've acquired a wealth of knowledge and experience, refining our processes and perfecting our craft. We take immense pride in the fact that Texas Snax has become a beacon of fun and wonder, delivering your favorite Texas brands right to your door.

To provide you with a glimpse into our exciting early days and the remarkable evolution we've undergone, here's a nostalgic glimpse at the media attention we received in our early days.