H.E.B Triple Chocolate Granola

H.E.B Triple Chocolate Granola

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For the ultimate chocolatey breakfast, get ready for the amazing H.E.B Triple Chocolate Granola. Crunchy golden oat clusters with smooth curls of the best quality, melt in the mouth, chocolate. And the best part? They stay crunchy to the last bite.

  • Rise with great grains Chocolate for breakfast, lunch, dinner, and dessert.
  • Crisp cereal clusters
  • Delicious milk and white chocolate curls
  • Chocolate chunks of rich, bittersweet chocolate
  • The Tastiest Oats, Naturally
  • Perfect for layered parfaits, as an ice cream topping or as a snack on‑the‑go.
  • Naturally a Source of Fibre
  • Pack size: 14 oz

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