Why not add Buc-ee's shoes to y'all's sneaker collection?

Why not add Buc-ee's shoes to y'all's sneaker collection?

Buc-ee's Shoes

First off, all y'all's humble Texas Snax blogger wants to disclose that he's not a sneakerhead.  However, he's certainly aware of the fact that sneakers are a big deal, and a lot of the cool kids have vast sneaker collections.  As the Wall Street Journal reports, sneakers are very profitable.  However, he did listen to a podcast episode about the sneakerhead community; while that doesn't make him an expert, he learned a few things.

NPR's Jeffrey Pierre hosted an episode of the Life Kit podcast back in December 2020 about how to build a sneaker collection, which can be easy.  Surprisingly it doesn't have to be expensive nor full of exclusive shoes that one never wears to qualify a person as a sneakerhead.  While having rare and expensive pairs of shoes is likely a plus, it isn't a necessity.

Pierre spoke with sneaker experts and aficionados Adena Jones and Jacques Slade.  Both Jones and Slade make it clear that building a sneaker collection isn't as expensive and difficult as it may seem.  They reveal that it is ok to collect massed produced shoes which cost less than $100.  Besides, even sneakerheads need shoes to wear each day, and those include shoes from their collections.

So, why not include a pair of Buc-ee's sneakers in your collection?  First, they're affordable.  Second, collections should reflect their collectors, and if y'all are beaver believers, why not include them in y'all's sneaker collection?  Third, don't worry about all the Buc-ee's logos plastered all over the shoes.  Many shoes have large logos that are crucial to their looks; just think of Chuck Taylors with their large Converse logos.  Further, many shoe brands partner with companies and celebrities to produce special shoes, and those have prominent branding on them.  Additionally, how many luxury items (Coach, Fendi, Gucci, Prada, etc.) are plastered with the brand's logo?  (Fun fact: Copyrighting fashion is tough since it is so utilitarian, but plastering a logo all over an item allows the makers to sue counterfeiters over trademark infractions.)  Thus, don't fret about including these shoes in y'all's sneaker collection, and then be sure to display and wear them proudly.

We hope that if y'all have a sneaker collection, that y'all include a pair of Buc-ee's low profile sneakers in it.  There are sizes for children and adults.  However, please note that we have a limited supply.  We bought many awhile back, but our local travel center hasn't had them in stock recently.  We'll keep checking, but be sure to hit that "Notify Me When Available" button if we're out of stock in the size y'all want.  That way, you'll get an email whenever we get those again.

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