The Versatility of the Buc-ee Beaver Boggle Head

The Versatility of the Buc-ee Beaver Boggle Head

Buc-ee's Beaver Boggle Head in Packaging

How did we all survive this long without Buc-ee in boggle head form? All the best characters and people appear in boggle head form, and finally, that statement is now true!

However, Buc-ee makes no ordinary boggle head.  As always, he is very versatile in any form.  Here are a few ways all y'all can use this wondrous figurine.

Pet Friend

As all y'all know, beaver believers come in all shapes and sizes.  That's why the chain has its Buc-ee's pet product line.  We argue that this bobble head is part of the pet collection.  Yep, we know.  A dog or cat may get pretty stoked about the bobble head and love it to death quickly.  However, we're thinking more of the aquarium, vivarium (that's the fancy pants term for "pet snake home"), and terrarium (plants are people, too!) dwelling variety of pet.  What fish wouldn't love to have Buc-ee adorn their home?  Aquariums with coral, sunken treasure chests, and steampunk scuba divers are so bland.  We have no doubt that Waco's own Chip and Joanna Gaines would opt for Buc-ee over shiplap when designing one of these kind of digs.

The New Gnome

Gnomes are some of the best outdoor décor choices.  Period.  However, Buc-ee is certainly as iconic as they are.  Duh!  So, why not display this beaver to the world in all y'all's gardens, too?  All y'all's neighbors will be so jealous.

Conversation Starter

The COVID-19 pandemic certainly has wrecked havoc in the world as well as on our social skills.  Let's face it.  Many of us are pretty rusty with our conversation skills -- especially, in person.  Fortunately, Buc-ee's and Texas Snax are here to help!  A beaver boggle head is an excellent conversation starter -- regardless if y'all place it on your desk at work, in your virtual call background, school desk, or on your car's dashboard (just secure him well so that no one gets hurt in the event of a sudden stop).  Anyone with a brain will want know who this fella is.  Then that'll bring up about how this is all about a gas station/mini-mart that has stores that morphed into mega church sized temples of Texan pride.  Who wouldn't be intrigued?  For all those already in the know, they'll certainly make sure to stop by to chitchat with y'all going forward thanks to Buc-ee.

If y'all aren't near a Buc-ee's to get all y'all's hands on one of these, that's why Texas Snax was placed on this earth.  Order the Buc-ee Beaver Bobble Head now!  We'll do our darndest to get it to y'all in a jiffy.

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