The Ultimate Buc-ee's Christmas Guide

The Ultimate Buc-ee's Christmas Guide

Believe it or not -- Christmas is almost here. Yeah. We can barely believe it either. But thankfully, Buc-ee has our back with a whole new exciting range of goods this year!

As most everyone can attest, shopping for loved ones and friends isn't as easy as it seems. Imagine what it is like for Santa Claus; even with the help of Mrs. Claus and his helper elves, there are a lot of different folks to buy gifts for. So, he knew that we here at Texas Snax are good folks to ask. We have put together this guide for your favorite Buc-ee fanatic to make your shopping easy.

In order to get on the extra nice list, we created this Ultimate Buc-ee's Christmas Guide for ol' Saint Nick. He was so grateful for the help we provided, and he's allowing us to share this with all y'all since he knows what it is like to need help buying gifts from the Buc-ee's Christmas Collection.

Christmas Apparel

There's no better way to get into the holiday spirit than to show y'all's festive side through an outfit. Good thing Buc-ee's has a large fashion line with something for young and old. 


Buc-ee's 2022 Christmas Shirt

One thing we that reminded Santa about is that beaver believers love Buc-ee's shirts, and tis the season for Christmas shirts. The Buc-ee's 2022 Christmas Shirt is what we recommend for this category. The shirt is a collectible since there's a new one each year. It captures the Christmas spirit well. On it Buc-ee proclaims: "It is not about what's under the Christmas Tree.. It's about who is rockin' around!" In other words, Christmas isn't about the gifts we get. It is about the people we spend it with.


Buc-ee's Christmas Onesie
Another thing that we're sure to remind Santa about Buc-ee's fans is their fandom for onesies. Buc-ee isn't a guy who takes himself too seriously, and wise men (and women) know that life is better when we're focused on joy and finding humor in the day-to-day.  While many people associate onesies with young children, it is important to remember that it is better to think of them as for the young in heart regardless of what one's actual age is.  That's why Buc-ee's has onesies for babies, kids, and adults.  The great thing about onesies is that they can double as cozy pajamas.  So, what better way to keep warm during the winter months?  This year there are two Christmas options -- the Buc-ee Claus onesie (pictured here) and the whimsical PJs onesies for y'all's inner kids.  Both of these will put Ralphie, his little brother Randy, and their rabbit suits from The Christmas Story to shame.

Pajama Pants & Shorts

Buc-ee's Pajama Pants

Now, Santa knows all too well that different folks have different preferences when it comes to sleepwear.  Some people like onesies while other folks like more traditional PJs, which is totally fine.  Texans and those who are Texans at heart know what they like and don't need to explain that nor apologize about it to anyone.  Buc-ee's knows that as well, and that is why it also offers some pajama pants and pajama shorts.  Of course, as a festive company, it has a line of Christmas PJs.  The great thing about this year's PJs is that they follow the same theme as this year's Buc-ee's ornaments.  As we discuss below -- they show Buc-ee enjoying all sorts of fun Christmas activities.  While style experts don't say that y'all have to match your Christmas pajamas with y'all's Christmas ornaments, it is a nice touch.  Details matter.

There are certainly more Christmas clothing to choose from if y'all's friends and loved ones would like something else.  There are Christmas themed socks, hair scrunchies, and a bib.  All y'all's humble Texas Snax blogger could certainly use a bib -- either that or some laundry detergent.  Also, don't forget the year round Buc-ee's clothing line that has items also make great Christmas gifts.

Christmas Decorations & Accessories

Christmas isn't just for dressing up, it is also for decorating.  It is no fun to leave a house or lawn bare.  Don't forget the indoors as well.  Further, why put a Christmas tree up if y'all aren't going to decorate it?  Besides, it makes Santa that much more jolly to see when he brings his gifts for y'all. 

A Buc-ee Inflatable

Buc-ee's Christmas Inflatable

Inflatables have certainly grown in popularity over the past several years.  They are wonderful ways to really make a statement in one's yard to wow the neighbors and passersby.  Besides they are a easier to deal with than hanging Christmas lights up while standing on a wobbly ladder and putting out all sorts of intricate decorations.  They've even grown in popularity throughout the year during other holidays -- like spooky Halloween displays.  That's why Santa and y'all can now get a Buc-ee's Christmas Inflatable.  Standing at six feet tall the inflatable has our favorite beaver donning a Santa hat and friendly waving at everyone who passes by.  In addition to automatically making everyone jealous, it self inflates, lights up to stand out at night, and has stakes so that y'all an secure it from being blown around.  The only downside is that it'll put the rest of the Christmas decorations in the neighborhood to shame, but at least the neighbors will be feeling too much awe to feel bad for themselves.  Besides, that's not keeping with the Christmas spirit!

Texas Shaped Ornament

Texas Christmas Ornament

Trees are festive, too.  While we have to admit that these ornaments aren't as sentimental as those made by y'all's young kiddos in school, that doesn't mean that these don't have a valued spot on all y'all's Christmas trees.  Christmas trees are best when they reflect the interests and experiences of the family that put them up, and that is why it is important for Texans, Texans at heart, and beaver believers to show their allegiance and fandom through their tree decorating.  So, that's where Buc-ee's and Texas Snax have all y'all covered.  There's a very tasteful Texas ornament that will clearly and boldly show off Lone Star State pride.  There are a few other festive Buc-ee's Christmas ornaments with our favorite beaver in some great holiday scenes -- ranging from sleigh riding to getting tangled in Christmas lights to posing as the Drummer Boy.  Santa will get an extra kick when he sees them on y'all's Christmas tree.

Buc-ee's Christmas Blanket

Buc-ee's Christmas Blanket

The holiday season is the perfect time to cuddle up under a warm and cozy blanket, and since we're decking the halls and all, we might as well deck ourselves with a Christmas blanket to boot.  So, when Santa asked us about this, we were happy to let him know what we had options for him as well as for all y'all.  Keeping with the t-shirt theme, this year's Buc-ee's Christmas blanket has states the same thing.  Christmas is not about what we get.  It's about who we celebrate it with.  While this is a throw blanket, it warms folks up just like a Texas-sized heater.  Thus, it'll make y'all mighty toasty.

Remember not to limit yourselves to Christmas gear when gift shopping.  For instance, there are a lot of other Buc-ee's blankets for use at other times.  Be sure to also check out the Texas Snax Home & House collection for year round décor and other accessories that make great Christmas gifts or other gifts for any other time as well. 

Stocking Stuffers

Buc-ee's Christmas Stocking

Santa is a Christmas pro, and he knows more than anybody else that keeping Christmas stockings in mind is important for any Christmas gift haul.  While those hanging over the fireplace are his domain, that's just on Christmas eve.  That means we're all on the hook (get it?) for filling stockings the rest of the time.

We would like to call out that the stocking is a crucial part of the gift receiving game.  So, we'll just point out that Santa will appreciate seeing this Buc-ee's Christmas Stocking hanging from the mantel.  He's a beaver believer. 

Here are some of the stocking stuffers suggestions that we gave Santa.

Beaver Nuggets

Buc-ee's Beaver Nuggets


LOL!  We could say that Beaver Nuggets are the first, second, and third items on our top three list of stocking stuffers.  Somehow we don't think that this is surprising to any of y'all.  These delicious caramelized corn nuggets are easily the bestselling item that Buc-ee's offers.  They're just that good.  We love the original, but there are some other flavors including sea salt caramel, cinnamon, and bold and spicy to name a few.  Further, they work great as cereal, key lime bar crust, and even fruit salad croutons.  The great thing about them is that they fit in most Christmas stockings, and we know that they easily fit in any Texas-sized stocking.  Either way, if there's one thing all y'all takeaway from this Ultimate Buc-ee's Christmas Guide, it is that y'all will never lose with giving the gift of Beaver Nuggets.

Beef Jerky

Buc-ee's Ghost Pepper Jerky

In addition to Beaver Nuggets, Buc-ee's beef jerky is beloved throughout the south.  In fact, many people make a pilgrimage to the "wall of jerky" in Buc-ee's travel centers.  That is a big wall as there are many varieties that need to fit on it including: garlic, hot & spicy, teriyaki, cherry maple, and ghost pepper to just name a few.  Further, some stores have fresh made jerky available for people to buy.  While the fresh stuff isn't suited for shipping, we here at Texas Snax can easily ship all y'all some of the other jerky to stuff the stockings of y'all's friends and loved ones.  They will thank you as jerky lasts a long time and is perfect throughout the year.

Texas Pride

Don't Mess with Texas hat

Buc-ee's is one of Texas's gifts to the world, and nobody is surprised by Texan pride.  Fortunately, Santa knows that beaver believers understand that Texans are just so excited about their beloved Lone Star State.  Their expressions of pride easily comes across as hubris, but it is actually motivated by a desire to share good fortune with others.  Sure, Texans may tease folks from other places, but only true Texans do so playfully fully understanding that Texas is great as is without having to tear down other places.  Given this, it never hurts to stuff a token of Texan pride into a Christmas stocking.  This can come in the form of a shirt, hat, tumbler, or bumper sticker.  However, take it from us, y'all can't go wrong with anything that proudly proclaims: "Don't Mess with Texas."

If all y'all still need help with stocking stuffer ideas, the Buc-ee's Bestsellers collection is full of other wonderful ideas.  Since they're popular, y'all will have it on good authority that they are great gifts.

The Bottom Line

As we've told Santa, Christmas shopping doesn't have to be hard when the folks on your list are beaver believers.  As a Texas institution, Buc-ee's has a Texas-sized inventory of wonderful gift ideas. 

Texas Snax is well aware that most people aren't fortunate enough to live near a Buc-ee's location, and that's why we're more than happy to help Santa out.  However, we're here for all y'all, too.  While Santa has his shipping and logistics all squared away, we're got y'all covered on that front.  Once you find the perfect gift on our site, just let us know, and we'll do our darndest to get it to y'all in a jiffy.

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Why doesn’t Christmas go on sale after Christmas? Why do you trash compact it?

Jennifer Looney

I saw a large corrugated metal wall hanging of a “buckee” reindeer with a red mouth 2 black dot eyes and attached metal reindeer antlers and would love to get one. the entire hanging other than mouth and eyes was silver corrugated metal with a rope hanger

Pamela Kametz

I bought a buc-ees Christmas ornament Georgia. I was looking for one online can’t seem to find one , it was only 4.98 a plush tree hanging buc-ees with a Christmas hat

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