Rumor has it that God is a Texan

Rumor has it that God is a Texan

Rumor has it that God is a Texan Shirt

No one can accurately say that Texans are humble about their beloved Lone Star State.  As we've mentioned before, this is about pride -- not necessarily a desire to belittle others or other things.  We Texans sometimes just get a little too excited, and it is understandable for that to come across as a bit intense at times.

Buc-ee's certainly understands that and is more than happy to help Texans express their pride.  Further, Buc-ee's and its goods are for everyone.  So, like any Texan, its willing to share its good fortune with others.

For example, you'll notice the God is a Texan shirt in both our new arrivals and clothing sections.  Anyone who knows Texas and its people knows that a bold claim -- with accessories to proclaim it -- isn't unexpected at all.  However, this isn't just hubris; we have it on some good authority that this claim just might be true.

As Queen Elizabeth II of England recently passed away, we were reminded of the many different aspects and events of her life.  There are two pertinent things to mention here in relation to the claim that God is a Texan. 

First, as the royal sovereign, she held the title of "Defender of the Faith and Supreme Governor of the Church of England."  As part of that role, she appointed the clergy of the Church of England.  Thus, she was a religious leader. 

Second, the public radio program The Texas Standard reported that Queen Elizabeth II visited Texas back in 1991.  During that visit she stated some important facts.  One of which is, as reported during the segment:

At the Capitol, Gov. Ann Richards hosted the queen and 8,000 people gathered to catch a glimpse.  The queen declared, 'No state commands such fierce pride and loyalty. Lesser mortals are pitied for their misfortune in not being born Texans.'  And she, the most traveled monarch in the world, knows what she’s talking about.

Yup.  A religious figure said that.  Now, while it is important to note that the Queen didn't directly say that God is a Texan, her statement supports the claim.  Texans don't need a monarch nor a religious leader to state a truth to believe such a claim, but it doesn't hurt to have an authoritative person to help back up a bold claim. 

Regardless, we're not here to tell all y'all what to believe, but we're more than happy to help y'all spread the good word.  So, feel free to leave a comment here on this blog post and/or tag us on social media with how other people react to when y'all share some truth with them.

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