Reasons why we're thankful for Buc-ee's this Thanksgiving

Reasons why we're thankful for Buc-ee's this Thanksgiving

Thanksgiving Buc-ee's Shirt

It's November, and American Thanksgiving is coming up this year on November 25.  It's time to starting listing what we're all grateful for so that we can properly observe this holiday.  Further, as all y'all know, Buc-ee is a festive dude, and that has inspired us to think of the reasons why we're thankful for him and his store.  Here are a few reasons of many:

1. Buc-ee's is expanding

Texas has definitely enjoyed serving as the home of Buc-ee's, and there are many locations throughout the eastern part of the Lone Star State.  In fact, back in June 2018, a guy drove 1,600 miles so that he could visit all the Buc-ee's at the time.  Recently, the store began to expand out of its home state into other states throughout the South.  With any hope, the store will honor our requests of where we want Buc-ee's to go next.

2. The versatility of Beaver Nuggets

Beaver Nuggets are perfect as they are.  Fortunately, there are many ways to enjoy them.  Throughout the past year we've learned about how people eat them as cereal, as a sweet twist to Chex Mix, and as a great crust for key lime bars.  We have no doubt that we'll learn of far more.

3. Black Friday prep

The day after Thanksgiving is Black Friday when a lot of us storm stores to get killer deals on all sorts of goodies -- from TVs to gaming consoles to clothes to all sorts of other great stuff.  Buc-ee's has provided many ways to win Black Friday.  First, it offers great snacks including jerky, trail mix, and Beaver Nuggets that will help fuel your shopping conquests.  Second, Buc-ee's stores are open 24/7 365 days a year.  Thus, it's a great early morning spot to fuel and rev up, midday oasis for refueling, and evening retreat to celebrate y'all's hauls as well as to recovery.  Further, the travel centers have shopping carts.  Let's face it; Buc-ee's is y'all's favorite store anyway.

4. Comfy clothes

The holiday season is for feeling comfy during the colder part of the year.  Thankfully, Buc-ee's has onesies, hoodies, pjs, and parkas for adults, kids, dudes, and ladies.  There are even comfy athleisure pants that allow y'all to eat a grand holiday feast without hurting y'all's waist.

5. Buc-ee's allows us to ship things to your doorstep

Currently, Buc-ee's doesn't have an ecommerce site for all y'all to buy things online to get delivered to at home.  Fortunately, the company has been gracious to us as resellers.  We buy items at a travel center near our HQ to ship to y'all.  In fact, the PR team has told news outlets that they're flattered that people are willing to pay for shipping to get their hands on all things Buc-ee.  That makes us happy.  Now, it is important to note that Texas Snax is not Buc-ee's -- nor is it affiliated with, sponsored, or endorsed by the company in any way.  We're just grateful that they allow us to do what we love -- spread the cheer of something that we hold dear.

What are y'all grateful for?  Let's us know here in the comments or on the Texas Snax Facebook page.  Happy Thanksgiving!

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