"Project Buc-ee's" in Luling, Texas

"Project Buc-ee's" in Luling, Texas

Rejoice! The first ever Buc-ee's travel center is getting even bigger.

Tegna owned Austin, TX ABC affiliate reports that Buc-ee's is building a bigger travel center in Luling, TX.  As we've mentioned before in our Buc-ee's history post, Luling along Interstate 10 is the site of the first full-fledged travel centers (which opened in 2001) that are more than mere gas stations -- they're destinations in of themselves.  

Buc-ee's is expanding its Luling travel center since clearly area residents are demanding more of a great thing.  It worked out a deal with the Caldwell County Commission to build a "much larger" store.  Clearly the people who live south of Austin and Northwest of San Antonio can't get enough of a great thing.  In fact, the county commission members voted back in April 2022 to unanimously approve the company's request. We can't blame them.

The initiative is aptly named "Project Buc-ee's," which also would make an awesome band name, by the way.  However, news outlets report that there isn't much known about this exciting development.  Buc-ee is such a tease!

We know that this must be really tough for Texpats, far off Texas fans, and those who don't otherwise live near one of the 40 plus stores.  Even though the chain is clearly trying to meet demand by expanding this store as well as build stores throughout the South and even in Colorado, it is still so tough for the rest of us. 

We feel y'all's pain!  That's why we started this business to help all y'all out.  Check out our catalog of Buc-ee's bestsellers.  We're more than happy to ship a bit of heaven to y'all's doorstep -- or to that of a friend or loved one.

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