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Our Buc-ee's Resolutions for 2021

Believe it or not, 2020 is almost over. Yay! That's great since 2021 can only be better than the nutso year 2020 was. As with any new year, here are our Buc-ee's resolutions to make sure that we're better people throughout the year.

Buc-ee's Social Distancing Sticker

1. Continue to wear face coverings for at least the first quarter or two

Unfortunately, we're going to have to keep covering our mouthes and noses, social distance, and be careful until many of us are vaccinated for COVID-19. Thanks, Rona! Like this sticker -- that we're keeping in mint condition -- attests, we need to continue to stand united six feet apart for just a little bit longer.

Our favorite beaver is taking the pandemic seriously. As any visitor to a Buc-ee's knows, he wears a mask. He's doing his part to protect people's health and jobs. Good thing he has various masks and gaiters for us so that we can do our part in style. Public health never looked so cool.

2. Eat more beaver nuggets for our summer bods

You can't make new year's resolutions without including at least one related to health. Sometimes it is about getting more exercise. Other times, it involves our diet, and this year our self-care one relates to food.

We resolve to eat more beaver nuggets. These tasty snacks contain various types of corn and vegetable oil, which makes them healthy. Further, eating them makes us happy, which does a body good.

With our diet optimized, we'll be ready for pool and beach season. At that time we can don Buc-ee's swimsuits. We hope to have them soon. So, if you hear they're on the shelves, fill out our request form to let us know.

Buc-ee's Tie Dye Shirt

3. Up our fashion game and prepare to be rad

What many people don't know is that fashion is mostly about confidence. People who pull off fashion forward wardrobes and daring hairstyles do so because they're confident that they'll look good. No matter how stylish and cohesive a look is, it only looks great if the person wearing it feels comfortable in it.

It's that courage that is crucial.

One fella who personifies confidence is Buc-ee. His fashion line is not for the faint of heart as his stores are full of shirts and other apparel with bold, vibrant colors and prints. He's particularly fond of the 1980s with rad prints, neon and pastel colors, and pop culture references from the decade. Why? That's when he first set up shop.

4. Celebrate the Class of '21

Let's hear it for the class of 2021! High schoolers and college students have certainly had to overcome a lot. All of the sudden, in addition to attending school, they had to become their parents' and siblings' coworkers and work from home. Thus, like the rest of us, they also had to wage a losing battle with the mute button. "You're still on mute!" However, we have no doubt that they'll succeed and put the rest of us to shame by using their mastery of microphone settings for virtual meetings when they join the workforce full-time.

Keep an eye on our apparel section. We'll stock up on graduation gear when it hits the shelves at our local Buc-ee's. [Update: We've got a Class of 2021 shirt now.]

5. Go on a pilgrimage to a Buc-ee's in Texas

Texas Snax is doing its absolute best to ship the best of the Lone Star State to your doorstep. However, nothing beats the real thing. So, come and visit you hear!

Fortunately, Buc-ee's is there for roadtrippers -- even if they go by air or sea. It's got plenty of snacks like jerky and candy to fuel anybody going on a long trip. You can have us ship enough to get you here, and then you can stock up for the return trip. We'll definitely send you good vibes as you endure gas stations with few pumps and dirty bathrooms -- the trip is worth it.

We're keeping our list to five resolutions as any more will distract us from our barbequing and foodie habits.

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