Need a Buc-ee's blanket?  We've got y'all covered!

Need a Buc-ee's blanket? We've got y'all covered!

Buc-ee's Blanket

We have no doubt that there are beaver believers in the Southern Hemisphere, but this post is timed for the Northern Hemisphere beaver believers.  However, we know that there are plenty of places below the Equator that get chilly.  Besides, who doesn't like to crawl under a blanket from time to time during the warmer times of year -- especially when someone else has the air conditioning is going at full blast?

Beyond yummy snacks, handy outdoors gear, and stylish clothes and hats, Buc-ee's offers a range of housewares and décor.  Homes and furniture want to show of their fandom, too!

Buc-ee's blankets are just one type of product offered in this category.  There are several different types of blankets that y'all can choose from to meet all y'all's different needs.

Perhaps the most evident difference between all of the different blankets is the color schemes, patterns, and themes.  As we all know, Buc-ee's doesn't shy away from bold patterns and colors.  So, if y'all want a tie-dye blanket, we here at Texas Snax got y'all covered.  How about a Andy Warhol-esque neon extravaganza blanket?  Check.

Further, it is no secret that Buc-ee is a festive fella.  As all y'all can see by browsing the Texas Snax site, there are all sorts of items related to holidays throughout the year from Thanksgiving to Valentine's Day.  The same goes for blankets.  We're constantly shopping at our local Buc-ee's travel center so that we can offer y'all the latest holiday gear.

A key thing that Buc-ee's keeps in mind is size.  Granted, y'all likely won't find a king size quilt, but there are plenty of throw size blankets that offer the same amount of warmth as Texas-sized heaters.  These are the perfect size to crawl under on a couch, while at a desk in the office, or in the car.  These blankets were made to accommodate all sorts of spaces and places.

Finally, the most important factor is coziness.  Rest assured that these blankets meet that condition well.  So, grab yourselves a blanket to get cozy while showing that you're a beaver believer.

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