Luxurious Athleisure Buc-ee's Tracksuit with Hoodie

Luxurious Athleisure Buc-ee's Tracksuit with Hoodie

Buc-ee's Luxury Black Velour

How does Buc-ee's do it?  We feel like a broken record.  Buc-ee's has outdone itself again.  This is truly extraordinary.

All y'all likely already know that there's a full line of cozy Buc-ee's women's apparel.  This luxurious athleisure Buc-ee's tracksuit with hoodie certainly falls into this category.  However, we want to carefully note that we don't want to limit any Texan or Texan at heart.  So, this is for whoever is fierce and bold.

Any true beaver believer who wants everyone to know that they love Buc-ee's needs one of these tracksuits.  Buc-ee's certainly timed its release well.  With the fall starting and winter to come, who couldn't use a tracksuit to stay warm? 

Further, while not universally the case, in many climes the day starts and ends really cold, but from late morning to late afternoon or early evening, it warms up a bit meaning that a full on coat isn't necessary.  Thus, this tracksuit is perfect to provide enough warmth in the morning and night but doesn't turn into an oven when the weather isn't too bad during the day.

By using velour fabric, Buc-ee's makes the tracksuit very soft to the touch, which is a major factor in its comfort.  However, as y'all can see, the coziness comes with a fashion forward look.  The black tracksuit is accented by gold colored zippers and lettering.  Further, for an added chic note, the hoodie is lined with a leopard print pattern that is so popular right now.  As a final touch, there's a patch with Buc-ee wearing a sparkly gold hat.  Since when was he shy of bold prints and patterns?

This tracksuit is perfect for all sorts of occasions and places. It is perfect for a trip to the salon, spa, gym, store, and mall.  Let's not forget wearing one on a flight, road trip, or brunch date with friends.  Everyone will love it!

We know that this item will go quickly.  So, please post pictures and videos of all y'all wearing this tracksuit on social media and tag Texas Snax.

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