Funny Texas Town Names

Funny Texas Town Names

Let's face it.  Virtually every state has place names that are bizarre and spelled funny in relation to how they're actually pronounced.  Unsurprisingly, Texas has tons of towns with names that aren't pronounced as one might expected based upon how they're spelled.

The folks over at the It's a Southern Thing YouTube channel certainly found a goldmine of comedy by catching themselves trying to guess how to pronounce several Texas town names.  Here's the thing; they're Alabamans.  While it is certainly possible that some of them may be native Texans, they certainly didn't show it in this video.

Of course, they used these Texas town names to make us laugh.  Fortunately, many a Texan has a sense of humor and is more than happy to laugh along.

It is certainly funny to see these folks stumble over names that -- to be honest -- aren't that familiar to the even most native English speakers, including those hailing from America.  Several of these folks reckon that the rule is to randomly make a letter silent in a town name.  Or, as one of them put it (embellishing her quip with some fake gun shot noises): "We're Texans, and we do what we want!"  Ha.

Of course, some of the funniest names are the ones that seem so ordinary that y'all know that pronouncing them can't be THAT easy.  Well, if they're included in a bit like this, that's a given.  A funny example is the suburb to the northeast of Houston, Humble.  The H is silent, and y'all better punctuate the "umble" with some Texan confidence.  Y'all better not be humble when saying it!  Texans just want to have fun.

Well, guess what.  Two of our favorite Lone Star State institutions have set up shop in many of these towns with confusing pronunciations and/or spellings.  Yup.  Buc-ee's and H-E-B have locations in many of them.  If y'all are ever on a roadtrip through Texas and need a novelty theme for the trip, how about visiting these towns to learn how the locals really say their hometown's name?  Don't worry, Buc-ee's and H-E-B will be around to help fuel y'all's vehicles and tummies.  

Until then, we're more than happy to send y'all some Texas treats and kitsch.  

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