Enjoy Buc-ee's Throughout the Day

Enjoy Buc-ee's Throughout the Day

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We here at Texas Snax are doing our darnest to help bring all y'all the joy of Buc-ee's regardless if y'all live near one of the stores or not.  We're painfully aware that the vast majority of the human race can't claim that as a privilege.  Buc-ee wishes that he could as well bring more of y'all joy; that's why he's opening up shop in more and more places.  Despite our efforts, there are still so many people who need a constant fix of Buc-ee's.

Fortunately, we're not alone in this endeavor.  There are a lot of other peeps who are eager to assist.  With a helping hand from Big Tech, social media platforms are making this easy.  We may not have hoverboards from the Back to the Future movies or live on the Moon as mid-century scientists and dreamers envisioned yet, but we got something even better -- Buc-ee in our feeds.

Now, despite the wonders of tech, this doesn't happen on its own.  Many of y'all who fortunately live near a Buc-ee's or visit one while traveling are more than willing to enlist in the mission of bringing happiness to the masses.  As understanding peeps, they are willing to share their good fortune of being in a truly marvelous place.

There are many places where they perform this important service.  One of them is on Instagram (we're there, too -- follow the Texas Snax account).  The service not only allows its users to follow specific accounts, it also allows people to follow hashtags, a social media feature it helped popularize.  

Check out the #bucees page on Instagram.  Y'all notice that people are sharing their joy.  Popular posts range from taking pictures with Buc-ee's statues outside of the travel centers, dogs in their beaver apparel, swimming while posing in swimsuits plastered with the logo of our favorite company, babies showing their Buc-ee's pride with their onesies, and even fan art.

Rest assured that our compatriots are doing this out of a spirit of altruism and certainly not with intent of rubbing their good fortune in the face of y'all -- as well as some of ours here at Texas Snax.  Sniff.  So, remember that we're here to help.  We'll ship a little bit of heaven all y'all's way.

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