Buc-ee's is a "swirling tornado of gargantuan awesomeness"

Buc-ee's is a "swirling tornado of gargantuan awesomeness"

Joe Rogan, Daniel Cormier, and Jon Anik UFC #248 Reaction Meme

The Joe Rogan, Daniel Cormier, and Jon Anik UFC #248 Reaction Meme

"Holy 💩!" is what Lalita Chemello's father repeatedly exclaimed when they visited a Georgia Buc-ee's travel center. Chemello writes for the auto and transportation website Jalopnik and recently reminisced about her recent visit to our favorite pit stop by creating a slide show of some of the best Buc-ee's branded oddities.

She's mentioned that Buc-ee's has been on her bucket list as she's been intrigued by how her friends have raved about the place.  So, she vowed to stop by one whenever she came across one.  Like us, she's had trouble categorizing what the chain is.  She took a valiant stab at by stating: "This is a travel center stop on steroids. Combine weird tourist attraction merchandise like a Disney World with a Home Goods vibe and traces of a K-Mart or Target and your local grocer, and you have Buc-ee's."

One of the many things that caught her attention was Buc-ee's clothes line with items for young and old, including onesies.  Fortunately, apparel is one thing that we here at Texas Snax can store and ship easily.  Unlike food, clothing lasts a long time, which makes it easy to enjoy Buc-ee's for the long haul.  It is also a great way to show that y'all are beaver believers.

She was also intrigued by Buc-ee's coffee and pecans, which we also stock and can ship y'all's way.

Chemello learned about the best thing about Buc-ee's as well as the worst thing.  That's the thing about things that she wasn't prepared for -- and convinced that no one is -- their first experience, it is so wonderful that it is also so hard to live apart from it.  That's why we here at Texas Snax are trying our darndest to help y'all enjoy Buc-ee's no matter where y'all are at.  Just give us a holler.

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