A Completely Quotable Buc-ee's Visit

A Completely Quotable Buc-ee's Visit

During this summer, travel vlogging wife/hubby duo Juliana and Martín were visiting their friends Celso and Taylor in the Dallas/Fort Worth area.  Upon the urging of friends and Juliana's mother, they decided to check out the Buc-ee's travel center in Fort Worth.  They appeared to love the store, which is no surprise.

Instead of recapping the video, it seems better just to share quotes.  We can't say these things better.  Unless otherwise noted, they're by Juliana since she was so quotable -- at least in the English version.  Yes, that's right; they made two versions.  One is in Spanish.  Spanish speakers feel free to leave quotes in the comments.


"They have shopping carts for a gas station."

"Holy Toledo... This is the size of a Wal-Mart in California. So, I'm not used to this."

Martín: "I knew it was going to be big, but I didn't think that it was going to be this big."

"You can do grocery shopping here for real."

"I'm feeling extremely overwhelmed."

"I know where I'm from that you usually don't want to eat gas station food, but this looks really, really freakin' good."

"You can get furniture and home decorations... I don't know what I was expecting, but it wasn't this."

"I was a little judgmental of their home goods area, but they have some pretty cool stuff here. I'm not goin' lie."

"The one thing that this store nails is branding. They really know how to brand themselves, market themselves. It's really a lifestyle. We even got rafts. Buc-ee rafts. Buc-ee blankets. Buc-ee costumes."

[Do y'all know of a Buc-ee item that's not on the site?  Fill out the request form, and we'll see what we can do.]

"We're in a gas station so big that you lose your friends in it."

Taylor: "It's like road trip food but better."

"They are everything I ever dream my merch store would turn into."

"They have everything you could possibly think of."

Martín: "The most surprising thing that I saw was that they were selling things for the house... Home goods. It's crazy to think about."

"For me there were so many snacks that I've never seen in my life before... like pralines. So much good food."

Martín: "Also the Texan pride."

"So much Texan pride."

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