Cinnamon Sweet Beaver Nuggets
Cinnamon Sweet Beaver Nuggets

Cinnamon Sweet Beaver Nuggets

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Hold on to your hat, 'cause these beaver nuggets are gonna shoot you straight over yonder. You'll be dreamin' of nights around a cracklin' fire with every bite you take.
  • Irresistible smells assail you as soon as you open the bag
  • Crunchy with a blast of cinnamon and sugar
  • So satisfying you won't be able to put them down
  • You ain't never had a more delicious treat
  • 3 ounces for a nice snack
  • 10 ounces for a nicer snack
  • Bought by a real-life cowboy or cowgirl from a Buc-ee's store

These items are purchased at full retail value from a local Buc-ee's store and shipped straight to you! We are not Buc-ee's nor are we affiliated with them.

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