Sweet Potato Butter
Sweet Potato Butter

Sweet Potato Butter

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It doesn't have to be fall to enjoy the smooth taste of delicious sweet 'tater! Enjoy this sweet 'tater butter anytime on toast, biscuits, or with anything. Haven't tried it before? It's like apple butter, but sweet 'tater...ier. Don't look that word up, please.

  • Rich, smooth, texture
  • Delicious sweet potato flavors with notes of spice
  • Like harvest in a jar
  • 16.5 oz. jar
  • No preservatives, artificial flavors, or colors
  • Purchased by Buc-ee's fans in Texas at full retail and shipped directly to you.

These items are purchased at full retail value from a local Buc-ee's store and shipped straight to you! We are not Buc-ee's nor are we affilliated with them.

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