Runner for Texas Snax

Shop at Buc-ee's - Earn $50

If you check all of these boxes, we've got a gig for you that you'll love

  1. You head to Buc-ee's at least once every three months
  2. You love to shop
  3. You are comfortable making large purchases and being reimbursed (earning those frequent flyer miles a bit more quickly)
  4. You can put items neatly in a cardboard box, slap a shipping label on it, then take it to FedEx.

If that sounds like your jam, then here's what you'll do. We'll send you in to shop items that are unique to your Buc-ee's, and then you ship them to us. We'll compensate you for your time, and we'll reimburse you for your purchases.

Why are we offering this? We do our best to carry everything Buc-ee's carries, but Buc-ee's is becoming more nationwide and we have only one facility. IE., we can't be everywhere that Buc-ee's is.... but with your help we actually can.

If this sounds like it's for you, here is the application.