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Buc-ee's Cast Iron Pan

Buc-ee's Cast Iron Pan

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The Buc-ee's Cast Iron Pan is a high-quality, pre-seasoned cast iron that has the Buc-ee's logo beveled onto the bottom. It is 10.25 in diameter.

The insert that is on top of it includes information and care instructions. This is what it says:

"Cook with your favorite road trip pal!

For over 125 years, I've been a staple in kitchens, around campfires, and on the grill. My naturally seasoned cooking surface makes cooking (and cleaning!) easy, so you can focus on serving delicious moments.

Get to know your new Lodge cookware.

Cast iron cooking is so much more than the type of cookware you use; it's an experience and ar elationship that will last beyond your lifetime.

Ready to get started?

Let's cook.

Lodge seasoned this piece in the foundry, making it easy to care for and ready to use. Cook over any heat source, including glass-top stoves. The durable cast iron can handle any type of utensil-even metal.

Use it, then clean it.

After each meal, hand wash your cookware, dry promptly, and apply a thin layer of cooking oil to the entire surface.

Great food makes great seasoning.

There are some foods that strengthen your base layer of seasoning when your cookware is new, such as bacon, hamburger, and roasting veggies with oil."

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