Joe Rogan Raves About Buc-ee's

Joe Rogan Raves About Buc-ee's

Note: There's some strong profanity in the video above.

Joe Rogan is a comedian, actor, and MMA commentator who hosts one of the most popular -- if not the most popular -- English language podcast in the world.  It's so popular that the Wall Street Journal reported in May 2020 that Spotify paid Rogan more than $100 million for exclusive rights to host the show.

Through the Joe Rogan Experience, Rogan has longform discussions with all sorts of people including actors, artists, athletes, authors, musicians, politicians, and other types of people -- yes, even conspiracy theorists.  Rogan is a modern renaissance man who's curiosity seems to know no bounds. Thus, the podcast covers all sorts of topics.  

Back in March 2018, Buc-ee's came up during episode #1089.  Rogan's guest for that episode was world famous pro archer John Dudley.  Even Dudley knew about this Texan institution.  He encountered the chain while traveling down to Houston to help out with hurricane relief.  He thought: "Is this a freakin' Costco but with fuel?"

Rogan chimed in and stated: "This is like if you were in the middle of a full-on cocaine binge, and someone came up to you and said, 'Dude.  I want you to make me the ultimate gas station.'"

Rogan further goes on to say that there's no reason for all of the gas pumps the travel centers have -- not to mention how large the stores are with so much stuff in stock.

Both Dudley and Rogan are correct.  Buc-ee's defies simple labels.

Well, Rogan seems to know a good thing when he sees it.  Around September 2020, he relocated from LA to Austin.  The good thing about his move is that it helps prove that Buc-ee's does a body good.  Rogan is in incredible shape, and if he raves about our favorite gas station/big box store, then eating the grub there will help one stay in shape -- or so we hope.

That's where we here at Texas Snax come in.  If y'all can't relocate to somewhere near a Buc-ee's location like Rogan, then we can ship y'all some merch and grub to help y'all survive the very real withdrawal symptoms between y'all's pilgrimages.

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