If Texas was a cult, sign us up!

If Texas was a cult, sign us up!

First off, Texas isn't a cult.  However, James Barrow -- the Naked Black Smith -- makes an interesting and compelling argument about this.

This all started on TikTok (hat tip: KLAQ, El Paso Rock & Roll radio station at 95.5 FM) when Gabby Goudy asked a question: "what's something that's 'not a cult' but seems like a cult?" (capitalization and emphasis from source).  Barrow, who likes to post humorous stuff to social media, decided to chime in; he suggests that Texas seems like a cult.  Hmm...

He has some pretty strong evidence backing his assertion.  First, he mentions that virtually every ("literally 90%") Texan has an outline of the Lone Star State or a Texas Star on their residence or vehicle.  He goes on to claim that, "Texans have more pride in their state than most mothers do in their children."  Second, Texans have their own clubhouses -- Whataburger and Buc-ee's.  LOL!  He's not wrong.  🤣

Here's one quick observation.  Barrow starts off by stating that he's unsure if he should be commenting about Texas as he's recently moved to the state.  That's quite obvious as he didn't even mention H-E-B.  We'll forgive him, but we're sure that he's fixed this by visiting a local grocery store and has enjoyed popular H-E-B products so that he can understand that it, too, is a Texas clubhouse as he puts it.

As all y'all know, even if y'all aren't in Texas, cult clubhouse perks are available.  Texas Snax can ship y'all some Buc-ee's bestsellers along with H-E-B goods -- including Whataburger Ketchup (both fancy and spicy varieties).  Just give us a holler.

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