H-E-B Takes Care of Texans

H-E-B Takes Care of Texans

Opening of H-E-B Wellness clinic in Austin, TX

(Image of Austin, TX H-E-B Wellness center opening courtesy of H-E-B Newsroom)

H-E-B takes care of its customers and Texans in general.  As a grocery store chain, it clearly does that by providing great food and other products to Lone Star State residents and visitors. 

Additionally, it providers good jobs for Texans whether they be corporate, transportation, logistics, or front-line employees.  Employees clearly like working for the company as it was among Glassdoor's top 10 employers in 2021; not only was it the highest ranked grocery store in the United States, it was ranked with notable companies like Google, Delta Airlines, and lululemon.

Further, for more than 100 years now H-E-B provides disaster relief.  As we all well learned during the COVID-19 pandemic, grocery stores are essential services as everyone needs to eat, and that it is why it is super important that grocery stores operate during disasters -- natural or otherwise.  Everything is bigger in Texas.  That includes calamities, and it takes Texas-sized organizations to respond to them.

There's another way, among numerous others, that H-E-B helps Texans.  It also has H-E-B Wellness clinics, which are a nice complementary service to the common grocery store pharmacy.  However, these aren't just any clinics that provide basic care for stuff likes diagnosing and treating the flu, colds, and other common ailments.  H-E-B Wellness employs actual primary care doctors and other licensed healthcare professionals who serve patients 12 years old and older.  The clinics also provide physical therapy services, and the primary care providers also refer patients to specialists when warranted.

Pricing is pretty straight forward with one-time visits costing less than $100 and monthly subscription packages, too.  No insurance needed.

A really cool aspect of H-E-B Wellness is that it also employs dieticians who offer nutritional services to patients and customers.  Our diets play a significant role in our overall wellness.  While other healthcare settings offer nutritional services, H-E-B's take place in an actual grocery store.  Tie in the store's pharmacy, and y'all have the convergence of many crucial wellness services in a literal one-stop shop.  Groovy.

H-E-B opened its first Austin area wellness clinic back in May 2022.  It has also operates clinics in the Houston and San Antonio areas as well as in Leander.

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