Glassdoor: H-E-B Is a Top 10 Place to Work

Glassdoor: H-E-B Is a Top 10 Place to Work

Glassdoor's 2021 Top 10 Ranking of Large Companies that are the Best Places to Work

H-E-B has more in common with Buc-ee's than being Texas-based, a Lone Star State institution, and having products resold by Texas Snax.  Apparently, it treats its employees well, too.  Buc-ee's prides itself in paying its frontline employees well, and according to an analysis of Glassdoor (a site through which employees post reviews about their companies) during 2021 H-E-B was ranked tenth among the best large companies to work at -- hat tip: San Antonio Express-News.

In fact, H-E-B is the number one grocery store chain employing more than 1,000 people (that's the definition of a large company).

The Express-News reports that H-E-B employees like their flexible hours.  They also like their pay and benefit packages.  Employees also report that H-E-B management is understanding, which is definitely a major plus.  Perhaps the most prominent complaint is that it is hard for employees to get as much hours as they want to work.  We can't always get everything...

What's more impressive about this ranking is that some of it is based upon work life during the COVID-19 pandemic.  Glassdoor CEO Christian Sutherland-Wong says that, "COVID-19 is in the driver's seat and every employer has been impacted. This year's winning employers have proven, according to employees, that even during extraordinary times, they'll rise to the challenge to support their people."

Grocery stores and their employees are understandably considered essential, which means that they couldn't close -- even for a short time.  Further, at least for most of the non-corporate frontline positions, the employees couldn't work from home.  They had to go into work.  Maintaining such praise under such conditions certainly says a lot about H-E-B's culture.  

Join us in congratulating H-E-B for this achievement.  If y'all aren't in Texas or certain areas of Mexico, y'all can recognize this feat by allowing Texas Snax to ship H-E-B products your way. 

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