Gear for Texas Pets

Gear for Texas Pets

Texas Snax Pet Collection

It doesn't matter if y'all are a Texan or not.  Pets are a big deal.  Regardless if y'all's "fur baby" is a dog, cat, iguana, snake, pig, parrot, or whatever critter y'all are owned by, people really care about these family members.

Back in September 2019, Claire Kawolick reported in the Times Record News of Wichita Falls, TX (which is to the northwest of the Dallas/Fort Worth metroplex along the Oklahoma border) some surprising results from a pet parenting survey conducted by Innovet, a pet supply company. 

For example, nearly two thirds of respondents placed their pets' diets over their own.  In fact, "In Texas a whopping 71.4 percent of pet owners said they consider the health benefits of their animal's food more than their own. A quarter of pet owners said they feed their pets a specialized diet like vegan or vegetarian meals."

While the survey spanned the United States, Kawolick was able to pull out some Texas specific results.  For instance, Texas pet parents on average take around four days of unpaid leave to care for their loved ones.  Apparently, Texan men are willing to take 3.8 days off compared to the 3.5 days Texas women would take off for their fur babies.  LOL!  Who's the stereotypical caregiver now???

Further, well over a third of Texas pet people (38 percent) feel closer to a pet than another human family member.  Perhaps the surprising thing about this is that it is that low.  Look.  I love most of the humans in my life, but I would take a dog over most of them!  

As social media can attest, many people go all out for their pets.  They throw them birthday parties, make them festive holiday outfits, dress them up in Halloween costumes to go trick-or-treating, and all sorts of wonderful stuff.  We clearly don't deserve them as our life companions.

Buc-ee's is well aware of the supremacy of pets and offer all sorts of gear for them.  Check out our Texas Pet Collection to see what special items we can send for all y'all's pets.  We're committed to help y'all only do what's best for them. 

Oh yeah, feel free to post pet pictures of y'all's fur babies showing their Texas pride on the Texas Snax Facebook page, too!

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