Florida Man Caught Eating Off Of Gas Station Bathroom Floor

Florida Man Caught Eating Off Of Gas Station Bathroom Floor

Buc-ee's locations outside of Texas as of 3/22/21

Y'all know that Florida Man meme, right?  Florida men are a type of southerner who embraces life and lives it to the fullest no matter what others may think.  Now, that's freedom.

Well, Buc-ee's is there for them.  Y'all probably know that the chain is expanding throughout the South.  It just opened two Florida locations -- one in St. Augustine near Jacksonville and, as of just this past Monday, March 22, 2021, another in Daytona Beach near Orlando.  If the local media are any indication, citizens of the Sunshine State are excited.  As an example, the Daytona Beach News-Journal just published a partial list of the many things that y'all can do at Buc-ee's.  Oh, what could possibly happen?

A news headline like "Florida Man Caught Eating Off Of Gas Station Bathroom Floor" will certainly draw both national and international attention.  However, Texans as well as a growing number of other southerners know that this isn't as naughty nor questionable as it sounds.

Our favorite beaver is bringing safer hijinks to the state for Florida men as newly minted Buc-ee's ambassadors and Daytona Beach residents Lisa and Mike McLean can attest as they've visited the brand spanking new St. Augustine location as well as the one in Gulf Shores, Alabama.  One of their important ambassadorial duties is to promote one of Buc-ee's best offerings -- immaculately clean bathrooms.  Lisa explains, "You could practically eat off the floor." 

Now, with all due respect to how y'all keep house, we don't recommend doing this at home.  Despite the fact that there are full-time bathroom attendants at each Buc-ee's who keep them as Mike describes as "spic and span," we also don't recommend that y'all do that at Buc-ee's as well.  Just rest assured that the potties are that clean.

Given that, as the Daytona Beach News-Journal explains, there's far more for Florida residents and visitors (men and others) to do -- other than the hypothetical.  For instance, there's the "Texas Roundup" section at the center of the store, which is where the store employees prepare hot food like BBQ brisket and, during the morning, breakfast burritos.  Then, being a good corporate citizen, the chain stocks goods and an assortment of knick knacks from local vendors at its stores.  Additionally, as good ambassadors, the McLeans point out that Buc-ee's are just like several spots in the Orlando area -- theme parks.

Please note that we're not trying to make any of y'all who don't live near a Buc-ee's jealous or depressed.  Fortunately, we can ship a bit of Buc-ee's to y'all.  For instance, y'all don't have to venture down to Daytona Beach to get yourselves some Beaver Nuggets or jerky, that's what we're here for.  Unfortunately, we can't clean your bathroom; attempt your own viral headline at your own risk.

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Come further South to Lakewood Ranch! Moved here from San Antonio 1.5 years ago……Buccees and HEB are the things we miss the most!


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