Eater: Buc-ee's has some of the Best Gas Station Snacks in America

Eater: Buc-ee's has some of the Best Gas Station Snacks in America

Buc-ee's Beaver Nuggets

Eater isn't a food website.  It's a website about eating.  Although it covers a wide range of cuisine, it's not hoity-toity.  The site aims to cover eating throughout the country involving people of all types.

That's why in May 2021 it decided to rank some of the best gas station snacks throughout the country.  These scrumptious snacks are grouped by region.  It won't surprise y'all one bit that Buc-ee's made the list for the south.  There's one explicit call out and another about an offering that Buc-ee's carries.

Beaver Nuggets were a shoo-in, of course.  Any list claiming to have the best gas station snacks would raise suspicion -- perhaps ire, too -- if it didn't include Beaver Nuggets.  These sweet corn puffs are bits of heaven, and for good reason.  Kayla Stewart points out that nuggets are also an ingredient of a craft Texas beer named "Road Trip Snacks" from Panther Island Brewing in Ft. Worth.  Fortunately, they are well suited for shipping; thus, we here at Texas Snax have all y'all's backs on this one.

The other snack is a combo offering that we've discussed before.  Amy McGrath explains: "In Texas, there is perhaps no road trip snack more coveted than the fluffy, yeasty kolaches and klobasniky."  These are delicious pastries that Czech immigrants brought to Texas in the 1840s and passed down from generation to generation.  Fortunately, Texans of Czech descent are generous as they share their heritage with the rest of us.  Y'all can find both sweet kolaches and savory klobasniky at Buc-ee's travel centers.  We wish that we could ship them, but they're not suited for that.  Y'all come visit, ya hear! 

Beyond the fact that this list includes Beaver Nuggets, kolaches, and klobasniky, we know that it's accurate because Stewart also correctly proclaims that Buc-ee's is "one of the most iconic gas stations in the U.S."  Darn straight!

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Y’all are not able to freeze the kolaches in order to ship them? I’m a Houstonian now in South Carolina. I have gotten tamales in the mail. Would love to get some of y’all’s kolaches!!

Terry Whitten

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