Buc-ee's Trolls Hoosiers

Buc-ee's Trolls Hoosiers

Facebook post mentioning Buc-ee's billboard in Indiana

As all y'all know, Buc-ee's has a fun sense of humor.  That's quiet apparent in its advertising.

For instance, when it comes to billboards, the chain makes motorists smile and laugh with puns and ridiculous messages.  A popular billboard states that the top two reasons to visit Buc-ee's are #1 and #2; a little bit of potty humor didn't hurt anyone.  Of course, this billboard touts the bathrooms that are not only immaculate but ample in supply to boot.  As anyone on the road knows, clean potties are important.

There was even a billboard that said, "Eat Here.  Get Gas."  LOL!  That's certainly a funny way to advertise the chain's numerous pumps with cheap gas and smorgasbord of fresh and packaged grub -- ranging from incredible brisket sandwiches to Beaver Nuggets to all sorts of snacks.

Another common Buc-ee's billboard motif is to urge people to hold their bodily excretions until they arrive at the pristine potty palace.  The catch is that sometimes the next opportunity is several hundred miles away.

According to Kalamazoo, Michigan rock station 107.7 FM WRKR, James Schul found a recent example of this and posted it to the Freewayjim Facebook group.  His post is about a Buc-ee's billboard in Indiana along I-65 south of Lafayette.  Ha!  This billboard is certainly extreme.  Motorists will only have to hold it for 552 miles until they arrive at the nearest Buc-ee's in Leeds, Alabama.  

As all y'all know, Buc-ee's is expanding beyond Texas into other parts of the South.  Now, Indiana isn't in the South, but it is kind of silly (when we're in a good mood) for the chain to troll Hoosiers about the fact that heaven is far away.  Hopefully, the Hoosier State will get its own Buc-ee's locations soon.

Where else should Buc-ee's go next?  Let us know here on the blog or on our Facebook page.  

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