Buc-ee's camo gear is so cool y'all will want to see it

Buc-ee's camo gear is so cool y'all will want to see it

Buc-ee's Camo Hoodie

It is no secret that Buc-ee's produces some of the stylish and comfortable clothes out there. While Buc-ee doesn't shy away from bold prints like leopard, tie dye, and throwbacks to the 80s and 90s, he's also looking out for hunters and military fans out there.

Buc-ee's -- as usual -- has outdone itself again.  We present the Buc-ee's Camo & Patches Set with a decked out hoodie accompanied with matching sweat pants.  Both parts have drawstrings so that they can easily go on but get pulled into cozy mode.

This camo ensemble is so cool, y'all will want to see it.  The irony of this is that camo is meant to mix in with the background.  So, that may present a tad bit of a problem.

That's one reason why hunters love camo.  However, they may want to stick to just wearing the bottoms while out in the woods.  Having said that, camo isn't just for the woods.  It is also a very popular print out in the rest of the world, and this set will certain help people stand out -- where they want to be seen.  Who doesn't love Buc-ee's?  This ensemble will no doubt turn heads because the large picture of our favorite beaver on the front as well as the three patches on the right sleeve.

Camo isn't just meant for hiding.  It's for standing out boldly, and Buc-ee's is more than happy to help out.  For added effect, be sure to wear it when y'all have your camo cooler and a cold drink kept cool by a camo koozie.  No matter where y'all are at -- the hunt, base camp, or tailgate party, y'all will certainly stand out the most (in a good way).

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