A Mini Documentary about Buc-ee's

A Mini Documentary about Buc-ee's

Y'all should check out a mini-documentary of sorts about Buc-ee's.  Ken Domik is a Candian YouTuber, and through his KBDProductionsTV channel he does a lot of food reviews -- including convenience stores.  So, we know that any channel like this would be incomplete without including our favorite gas station chain.

Check it out.

Domik states that after posting similar videos to his channel, beaver believers chimed in through the comments of his previous videos letting him know that he had to visit Buc-ee's.  He decided to visit the New Braunfels location, which at 66,335 square feet is the largest convenience store in the world.  He decided to risk it for the brisket.  That is certainly a wise choice.  While filming this visit he ate breakfast, lunch, and dinner.  Lucky!

He starts out his breakfast visit by first commenting on all of the gas pumps.  How can you miss them?  Then as he proceeds into the store he provides a montage of various Buc-ee's fixtures including the Texas stars on the building, BBQ pits on sale, the Buc-ee statue, logo above the gas pumps, the vast amount of merch from magnets to pajamas, etc.  One must admit that even through the camera lens, the New Braunfels location looks massive and cavernous when Domik enters the store.  If it looks big on TV, then it must be big -- or "crazy big" as he puts it.

As he arrives for each meal Domik proceeds to list the different options there along with the various jerky, sausage, soda fountain drinks, fudge, spices, and baked goods he considers adding to his meals.  At one point he oogles over the freshly made and frequently rotated prepared, packaged foods.  Don't worry, he saw the Beaver Nuggets (which the manager described to him as a cross between caramel popcorn and Captain Crunch cereal) and Beaver Buddies animal cookies.  He also spotlights the freshly roasted nuts as he enjoys some cashews as part of his lunch.

He seemed to enjoy eating brisket for breakfast.  Duh!  No fair.  He's making us simultaneously hungry and homesick for Texas.  It seems advisable to only watch this documentary once if you're far away from a location.

At one point he says that he was entering the grocery store area.  Ha!  In Texas, everything is bigger -- including the gas stations.

Domik made a wise choice to include a historical and cultural component to his culinary adventure.  As he planned his trip, he noticed that The Alamo is about a 40 minute drive away from the New Braunfels Buc-ee's.  That was smart.  One of the few things that is more Texan than Buc-ee's is rightfully The Alamo.  This part of his film further makes a Texpat homesick.

To sum up his visit, of all the puddings that he was excited to try, he places them in this order: Banana, Key Lime, and Coconut.  We'll still take one of each, please.  Overall, his verdict is that he can tell that Buc-ee's spends a lot of time and effort to provide high quality grub.  We expect nothing less.  Ultimately, he says that if you're in the vicinity of a Buc-ee's, slam the brakes and make a detour to stop by.  

His Meals

Breakfast - Buc-ee's House Blend Coffee, Ham, Egg, and Cheese Croissant, Rhino Taco, and a crepe-looking Brisket and Egg Taco

Lunch (he must have been hungry) - Brisket Chopped BBQ Beef Sandwich, BBQ Turkey Sandwich, Sugar Roasted Cashews, Grilled Cheese with Beaver Tots plus Ketchup, Beaver Nuggets, and Banana Pudding

Dinner - Piña Colada Soda, Crispy Deep Fried Chicken with Gravy and Texas Toast, Fish Taco, Texan Hot Dog, Coconut Cream Pie Pudding, Key Lime Pie Pudding, and Chocolate Cake Balls

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