A H-E-B Next to a Buc-ee's???

A H-E-B Next to a Buc-ee's???

Google Maps of the Buc-ee's in Melissa, TX

A H-E-B by itself is more than enough -- just as is it with a Buc-ee's.  However, placing two together is downright ostentatiously awesome.  Just throw in a Whataburger, blue bonnets, and longhorns, and that's all a Texan could possibly need and desire.

So, where will Heaven meet Earth?  The lucky spot is in Melissa, TX in the northeast corner of the Dallas/Ft. Worth metroplex.  The Buc-ee's is already in place.  The Dallas Morning News reports that H-E-B is working with the Melissa city council to add an OG brand store of the San Antonio-based grocer right next to the Buc-ee's.  This will be part of H-E-B's expansion in the DFW area.

At this point, the Dallas Morning News reports that there's no set timetable for when the grocery store will open.  While good things only get better with anticipation, that doesn't make waiting any less easy.  However, we can express some impatience as according to Supermarket News, H-E-B has built a 93,000 square foot store in 100 days -- during business hours with no overnight shifts to boot.  Granted, there are utilities, permits, inspections, and other requisite hoops, and all that gives us Gantt chart nightmares.  So, we know that the 100 days -- if that plan is what H-E-B opts for -- portion is just part of this process.  Regardless, let's get going!

Waiting is so hard.  However, we here at Texas Snax are trying our darndest to help all of us stay sane.  Some of y'all can hit up a Buc-ee's and head over to a H-E-B or vice versa.  However, for all y'all who can't do both or either, we can help all y'all out.  Let us know what H-E-B and Buc-ee's goodies y'all want, and we'll ship them to y'all's doorstep so that you can enjoy both Texas institutions at the same time.

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