A Guy Visited Every Buc-ee's In Texas

So, this is a bucket list item that we didn't know that we needed.  Add "Road Trip to All Buc-ee's Locations" to our list.

Buc-ee's locations as of December 2020

Back during June 2018 Cody Esser, the "Impulsive Travel Guy," decided to visit every Buc-ee's in Texas (hat tip: Austin American-Statesman).  Esser relocated to the Austin, Texas area back in 2014, and he states: "The first time I drove past the New Braunfels location, I was in disbelief. I had just moved to Texas and decided to drive to San Antonio. As I drove by on I35 my jaw dropped and I was like, 'Is that really a gas station?'"

Yes, it was.  Now, it's important to note that at a modest size of 66,335 square feet, the New Braunfels location demands attention -- even in Texas.

About four years later, he decided: "Buc-ee's isn't just a gas station. It's really a destination that adds more character to any road trip. They also boast the cleanest bathrooms around. Being that Buc-ee's is a destination in itself, I decided to hit up every single one in Texas. That's right! I literally drove around 1,600 miles just to visit all 33 Buc-ee's gas stations in Texas."

At the time, there were 33 locations in Texas, and Esser decided to plan three days of jaunts out and back to his Austin pad.  Thank goodness the tech gods have bestowed route optimization upon us.  The first day he visited five locations by heading up toward the Dallas/Ft. Worth area.  During the second day he visited 21 in the Houston area.  The final day he hit up the final seven in between Houston, San Antonio, and Austin.

Perhaps the funniest part of his journey was how his credit card company viewed his trip.  For some odd reason, it was suspicious that his card was being continually used at different locations of the same gas station chain so frequently.  While it is understandable that the financial institution wanted to protect itself as well as its card holder, it simply didn't understand the draw of Buc-ee's.  We got to risk it for the brisket.  Plus, the cleanest bathrooms don't maintain themselves, it's only polite to buy something when using the potty.  

During his travels, he picked up some goodies that y'all can order from us here at Texas Snax.  These include: Pickled Quail Eggs, Bohemian Recipe Garlic Beef Jerky, Candied Jalapeños, Beaver Nuggets (of course!), 12 flavor Gummi Bears, Steak Seasoning, Bread and Butter Pickles, Rib & BBQ Rub, and Steak & Chop Rub.

Don't worry.  The cleanest bathrooms promise lived up to its word; the only fault Esser saw was an unflushed urinal.  

Hey, Cody!  The next time you plan a Buc-ee's themed road trip, let us know.  We'll help pay for gas.

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