A Favorite Snack: Buc-ee's Granola Bites

A Favorite Snack: Buc-ee's Granola Bites

Buc-ee's Granola Bites

Buc-ee's Granola Bites are the perfect snack for many situations.  In fact, the packages say it all; they're "the go anywhere, eat anytime baked snack!"

Granola is more versatile than it seems.  For instance, many people enjoy eating it by itself in its straight out of the package state.  However, there are others ways to enjoy it.  Some people like to mix it with yogurt to add some texture and other nutrients.  Throwing some in a bowl and then adding milk or a diary alternative is also another well known consumption mode; people like to eat it like cereal.  Sometimes people add it to parfaits or ice cream (perhaps as part of milkshakes), mix it with other things like candy to make a trail mix, and so on.

It is also relatively light, which makes it great to take on the go.  Who doesn't rush out the door in the morning to get to work or school?  Grabbing some granola is a good idea as it is easy to eat on the way or when one arrives at their work site.  It's not just great for breakfast, it is great as part of a sack lunch or for snacking at other times as well.  Beyond work and school, granola also works well for going camping, hiking, picnicking, road tripping, hunting, birding, and many other recreational activities.  It even works well for people who meal plan and prep for several days in a row.  Such peeps include: truckers, hunters, airline pilots, and flight attendants.  Granola won't take up too much space in a cooler, backpack, or suitcase.  Besides, Buc-ee's serves folks on the go.

Texas Snax has several flavors of this and other Buc-ee's snacks; these include: Apple Cinnamon, Chocolate Banana Nut, Honey Pecan, and Vanilla Almond.  Trust me.  They're tasty.  They're also gluten free and don't have high fructose corn syrup nor artificial preservatives, colors, or flavors.  Thus, many a folk will be able to indulge and enjoy this delicious snack.

How, when, and where do all y'all like to eat granola?  Let's us know in the comments on of this blog post or via social media.

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Did you really discontinue the pecan granola?

Valerie Kelley-Knowles

Drove from east Tennessee to Calhoun GA to find out vanilla almond granola has been discontinued. So disappointed 😞

Nichoel Dawson

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